Studiocharlie EULA

Studiocharlie end user license agreement

Article 1

1.1 Studiocharlie (Gabriele Rigamonti, Carla Scorda, Vittorio Turla) grants Licensee to use the fonts, exclusively for Licensee’s own benefit and exclusively as set forth in Article 2 of this Agreement, and unlimited in time.

Article 2

2.1 The Licensee shall be entitled to install the fonts and to use these fonts to layout documents and/or for word processing purposes on no more than five computers and one output device belonging to the Licensee.

2.2 Studiocharlie grants Licensee the right to print the documents containing the fonts on no more than one printer belonging to the Licensee in an unlimited quantity/impression and to duplicate the documents printed as such in an unlimited quantity/impression on paper through photocopy or print.

2.3 Studiocharlie grants Licensee the right to put the documents printed and duplicated as aforesaid into circulation and to distribute them.

2.4 Studiocharlie grants Licensee the right, exclusively for the purpose of protecting the fonts/data and exclusively for himself, to make three back up copy of the fonts.

Article 3

3.1 If Licensee does not possess a high resolution imagesetter (2540 dpi), Licensee shall be entitled to have documents with the accompanying fonts printed out at a service agency which has not licensed the fonts itself, but the font shall be completely removed from the service agency system after documents have been printed.

Article 4

4.1 The fonts/data put at the Licensee’s disposal, the installed fonts/data and the backed up fonts/data remain in the property of Studiocharlie.

4.2 The fonts are copyright of Studiocharlie and subjected to copyright laws. For all the fonts covered by this Agreement, every time there is the possibility to write the copyright of the Fonts, it has to be written like this: "fonts, ©studiocharlie ("

4.3 Licensee shall refrain from altering, adapting, editing, modifying, or converting the fonts/data covered by this Agreement in any way whatsoever without prior written permission from Studiocharlie.

Article 5

5.1 Licensee shall carefully control the fonts/data put at his disposal, the installed fonts/data and the backed up fonts/data and shall refrain from putting the fonts/data at third-party’s disposal.

5.2 Licensee shall protect the fonts/data put at his disposal, the installed fonts/data and the backed up fonts/data against improper use by third parties.

5.3 Licensee shall not transfer the Licence and the font/data issued to him to a third party, neither partially, nor completely.

Article 6

6.1 In no event Studiocharlie shall be liable for any malfunctionement of the fonts on the user’s softwares.

Article 7

7.1 Studiocharlie’s liability on account of this Agreement is restricted to the amount paid by the Licensee to purchase the fonts.

7.2 Studiocharlie shall not be liable for losses such as reduced sales or decreased goodwill in Licensee’s business or trade.

7.3 In no event Studiocharlie shall be liable for any damages, including loss of data, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the font/data supplied with this license.

Article 8

8.1 Licensee shall not use the fonts put at his disposal until the costs for the fonts have been paid.

Article 9

9.1 Studiocharlie shall be entitled to dissolve this Agreement completely it Licensee fails to meet the commitments of a single obligation mentioned in this Agreement, especially the obligations in Articles 3.1, 4.3 and 5.3; unless that Licensee compensates Studiocharlie for damages.

Article 10

10.1 The Font is protected by the Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is subject to civil and criminal penalties.

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